2021 Residential Staff Holiday Party

Story by Jessica Goldstein

The Heidi Art Gallery was full of smiles, laughs, greeting friends and air hugs. On December 16th, after a hiatus last year, JSDD hosted the annual holiday party for the Residential Staff.









The beautiful and versatile gallery was festive with decorations and holiday music, but it was the art of the WAE Center members that shined. For many of the Direct Service Professionals (DSPs) it was their first time in the new JSDD building. The staff enjoyed a delicious catered meal.

There were tours of the new building and lots of catching up with colleagues and friends some had not seen in person for quite some time.















Executive Director, Linda Press addressed the group with heartfelt thanks for the behemoth tasks and previously unimaginable stress the group has overcome these past two years. The DSPs continue to show up and support the residents of JSDD. The dedication of the residential team was evident when Linda announced employment milestones.

5 Years

Nicholina Debra

Kesiena Edenatue

Malika Jackson

Quiana McCarthy

Jessica DaSilva

Hagit Oren


10 Years

Shila Baidoo

Lorrain Harris

Kristia Clark

Natasha Powell

Nadine Thompson


15 Years

Maxine DaCosta

Clarissa Jackson


JSDD thanks the entire residential staff and we all look forward to a happy HEALTHY New Year!