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Since 2004, JSDD’s WAE Center is well known for its cutting edge and visionary philosophy. This philosophy supports each individuals’ search to Find the Spark Within and lead a full life.

WAE to Give is a curated opportunity for each donor to connect directly with innovative programming. This funding brings to life curriculum which will cultivate emerging classes and talents.

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Fiber art at JSDD’S WAE Center


The creation of a Fiber Art program at the WAE Center is underway. The WAE Center has a history of working with fiber by hosting weaving, quilting, sewing, dyeing, knitting and crochet classes for the past several years. Recently, with the gift of a floor loom, The WAE Center has received the push to grow and develop this substantial and enriching program for our members.


The art of weaving has long been acknowledged to have therapeutic and creative benefits. Hand/eye coordination, focusing, problem-solving, sequencing, and creative thinking are just some of the prevocational skills infused into this practice. Weaving is a quiet, calming activity in which our members can develop and express their creative ideas.

A Gift Of $7,500 Will Fund

  • 60 Workshop hours with professional fiber artists.
  • Weaving tools and loom maintenance.
  • Yarns, fabric, and dye.
  • Trips to museums and galleries.
  • Sewing accessories.

Thank you for your generous support to grow this program. The tools, materials, and workshops taught by professional artists will become another exciting chapter in the WAE Center’s continuing mission to Find the Spark Within.

Gardening at JSDD’S WAE Center


Gardening onsite at the WAE Center is now a possibility at our beautiful new building. Members will learn to organically plant and maintain a garden of vegetables, flowers, herbs, and more! Connecting with our upcoming cooking program, this garden will provide a true farm-to-table experience for our members. Our curriculum will provide year-round prevocational learning in all aspects of horticulture such as propagation, growing from seed, composting, and raising houseplants.


A WAE Center garden provides an excellent opportunity to expand our wellness program and therapy services. It will create exciting new connections with other programs including, Cooking, Fiber Arts (dye plants), and Online classes such as Creativity with Nature. Gardening together provides the added benefit of exercise, improved mobility, mental clarity, social interactivity, and reduces anxiety.

A Gift Of $25,000 Will Fund

  • New beds and handicap accessible raised beds.
  • An onsite greenhouse and shed for tools.
  • Seeds, plants, fertilizer, and organic material.
  • Trellises, fencing, and other supports.
  • Garden and accessibility consultants.
  • 300 hours of cooking instruction.
  • Garden tools.
  • Garden tours.
  • Guest speakers.

Thank you for your generous support of this startup program.

Music at JSDD’S WAE Center


Music has always been an integral part of the WAE Center’s arts program. Now we’re expanding our program for the enjoyment and benefits that participating in music brings to our members. Our musical partners in the past have included the NJ Symphony Orchestra, Marafanyi, Montclair High School, Peter Yarrow, NJ Opera, and numerous talented musicians who’ve brought their special gifts. We currently have karaoke, music class (vocal warmups & singing), and music appreciation.


The benefits of music to inspire, uplift, energize, and relax are known to all of us. Other documented benefits for people with disability include helping to focus a person’s attention, calms anxieties and relaxes an individual when stressed or over-stimulated. It also aids in verbal and nonverbal communication. Listening and performing music stimulates almost every area of the brain, and almost all sensory systems; its positive influence on cognitive functions is immense. Music fosters self-awareness and self expression.

A Gift Of $10,000 Will Fund

  • Musical Instruments.
  • Musical guests and teachers.
  • Digital audio workstation – professional music production tool.
  • Sound system equipment.
  • Music Production.
  • Subpack (vibro acoustic speaker) Allows hearing impaired people to experience music through a backpack.
  • Subpack Lounger Chair for the Serenity Room.
Thank you for your generous support of this essential program.

Woodworking at JSDD’S WAE Center

The Program

Thanks to Brian Emmons Roofing for their donation to this popular program. This gift along with the work of our dedicated volunteer, Steve Kessler has made the wood working workshop possible. This class has been underway since March 2022.

With self-selected projects the class has made Menorahs, bird houses, decorative boxes, sculpture, and more. Our members are enthusiastic participants in this prevocational program with a long list of items they would like to make. We hope to grow this successful program as more members elect to join the class.

Wish List

  • $199 Drill press
  • $100 Miter boxes
  • $70 Angle Drilling Locator
  • $500 Additional tools (hammers, screw drivers, etc.)
  • $2000 Wood and other consumables
Thank you for your generous support of this startup program.

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