Residential Services

A Life and a Home Like Yours and Mine

Life for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities can and should be like yours and mine — engagement in an active life spent working, time spent with friends, involvement in the community and pursuing interests, hobbies and continued learning towards personal growth and fulfillment.

Supervised, Supportive, Community Based Services

  • Operating multiple residential settings including group homes, supervised apartments, and supportive living in Essex and Morris Counties
  • Providing an environment for personal growth towards achieving greater independence
  • Family environment created by supportive and skilled staff
  • Engagement with and participation in community activities
  • 24 Hour support or “on-call” assistance available to everyone
  • Kosher homes filled with Jewish traditions while being respectful and supportive of the diverse religious and spiritual beliefs of all residents
  • A safe and clean home environment

“We work to help each person discover and achieve their dreams.”

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Heidi Gallery Advisory Committee Members

People living in JSDD residences have hopes, dreams and talents along with a need for assistance and support. Like most people, individuals served by JSDD want opportunities to participate in the community as fully as possible. The JSDD residential program supports every resident in accessing activities and resources in their local community and beyond.

In JSDD homes, daily life and activities are organized to ensure safety and well-being while fostering a sense of family and encouraging independence. 24-hour staffing may be provided for those requiring it. During the week, residents might go to work, attend a vocational or day program or experience individualized community programs. Planning for evening and weekend activities, as well as holiday celebrations and vacations is done both individually and as a group. Individual needs, wants and preferences are always valued and respected.

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