WAE Beyond

An online community for wellness, arts, and enrichment learning opportunities.

Wellness, Arts and Enrichment Classes

Open to the Public - Weekday & Sunday Afternoons

Learn, Create and Connect in a series of classes designed to allow each individual to discover new talents and possibilities, or what we call “Finding the Spark Within“.

WAE Beyond Workshops. Expect the best in you!

Spring Classes 2024


THURSDAYS · 4:30pm-6pm

Linda’s yoga classes are founded on the principles of BKS Iyengar. Her classes will explore a variety of yoga poses and warm up movements. Connecting your mind & your body. With continuous learning of prop use to facilitate the poses and to challenge yourself you will make yoga achievable regardless of ability or age. This class is open to all levels.

$30 per class
5 person minimum / 8 person max


THURSDAYS · 4:30pm-6pm

These movement classes will help shake your stress out and wiggle your worries away. Come join us to discover your own self-expression, creativity, and joy through body movement, rhythm, and moving with others.

$30 per class
5 person minimum / 12 person max


SUNDAYS · 1:30pm-3pm

Boost your confidence and unlock your full potential with our empowering self-esteem class. Discover the tools to cultivate self-love and resilience in our transformative self-esteem program. Elevate your self-worth and embrace a more positive mindset with support and guidance.

$30 per class
5 person minimum / 8 person max


THURSDAYS · 4:30pm-6pm
SUNDAYS· 1:30pm-3pm

A dynamic learning experience for participants to grow their Tech Savvy skills and embark on an enriching journey towards digital fluency.

Topics will include: Introduction to Computer Usage, Navigating Apps and Programs, Internet Skills, Introduction to Phones and Tablets, and Guidance for Setting Up Email.

$30 per class
5 person minimum / 8 person max

WAE Beyond Discounts

Tech Discount:
$15/class for JSDD/WAE Center members

Outside of JSDD Senior Discount:
$5 off all classes, indefinitely (65 and older)

Introductory Discount for JSDD/WAE:
$10 off other Spring Session Classes and Summer Classes

Ongoing Registration

All WAE Beyond classes are held at the WAE Center at JSDD

310 Eisenhower Parkway,
Livingston, NJ (lower level)

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For more information, Contact: Julie Pino, WAE Beyond Coordinator



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