At Risk! Remote Learning Program – WAE to Connect

As of Tuesday, 11/7/23 the NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities is rescinding its temporary service modification regarding virtual classes. This means that DDD will no longer fund remote classes as of Tuesday, 11/7/23.

  • This impacts all WAE members who are receiving DDD funding & are currently enrolled in virtual classes.
  • If you are enrolled in fully virtual classes or hybrid virtual classes, this will impact you or your member.

As an act of good faith & commitment to our beloved community JSDD will provide a grace period for all virtual classes between 11/7 & the rest of the year. This means members can attend class up until the end of December break without funding.

We are actively investigating solutions to sustain this crucial program, while ensuring its accessibility to all participants. 

We will provide additional details and updates in November.

  • At this time, we encourage you to reach out to your Support Coordinator to discuss future funding opportunities.
  • We also strongly encourage you to reach out to the DDD to self-advocate and express your concerns about this change.  

Please contact: Johnathan Seifried, DDD Assistant Commissioner 

Informational bulletin by DDD for more details.