Clear Masks Story

Story by Jessica Goldstein


The Residents and DSP’s of JSDD want to give a huge thank you to @BeebeeDesigns for helping our residents to communicate clearly and stay safe with Clear Window Masks!

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To say that our staff, members and residents have gone through a few changes would be quite the understatement. We, along with the rest of the world have been pivoting and adapting to the new normal and now the “next normal.” Our amazing dedicated team of Direct Service Professional’s (DSP’s) leaped into action to make sure that our residents were kept safe and healthy and that “home” continued to be a source of comfort and productive activity. This was not an easy task. Our friends and donors said yes when we asked for help and we were able to support our heroes (the DSP’s), purchase extra cleaning supplies and PPE (personal protective equipment) for themselves and our residents. Everyone was doing what had to be done.


Once we all settled into this new way of life, we began to notice that, while our masks were doing their job to keep everyone safe, this new fashion accessory was hindering our ability to communicate with people who rely on reading lips or facial expressions.


A call went out to one of our local stores, BeeBee Designs. They were selling masks with clear windows! Brian and his team got us the quantity we needed, and they went right into our homes. The staff and residents are now able to communicate more effectively and, something as simple as seeing a smile, brightens our days.  We thank our friends at BeeBee Designs.