Congregation Beth El’s Religious School Visit


JSDD’s WAE Center visited Congregation Beth El’s Religious School in South Orange to study and learn together.  This is our third year that Morah Rivka Nelson has invited Center members to share their life experience and speak about their artwork.

Our theme was Jacob’s Ladder, how dreams inform our lives and support our actions.  We were fortunate that one of Rivka’s students had celebrated his Bar Mitzvah and Jacobs Ladder was his Parsha.  This young man shared the story beautifully with the group.  WAE Center members were happy to share their dreams which were stated as, walking better, mixing paint for art, going back to work and becoming a Rabbi. Beth El students shared their dreams, having their braces removed, becoming a great skier and being a pilot.

We turned our focus to the Bar/Bat Mitzvah challenge that was facing most students.  We talked about how the community is supporting them through the transition to becoming an adult.  Later we did an art project about dreams which we all enjoyed.