Create a Jewish Legacy Annual Event

The Jewish Community Foundation (JCF) recently hosted its biennial event known as Shorashim (meaning “roots”), which honors all donors who have made legacy or endowment gifts through JCF’s legacy societies: Lester, Lion of Judah Endowment, MetroWest Tomorrow, Herskowitz and Create a Jewish Legacy (CJL). JSDD has been part of CJL for more than five years, and during that time we have secured more than 50 gifts to help ensure that JSDD remains vibrant and able to serve our clients long into the future.

Held on September 10, 2019 at the Wilshire Grand in West Orange, it was a warm, inspiring and meaningful event, capped by a beautiful and thought-provoking address by Rabbi Daniel Cohen, author of the book, “What Will They Say When You are Gone: Creating a Life of Legacy.” Guests went home smiling, pleased with their complimentary copies of Rabbi Cohen’s book and the new Centennial Campaign “Endow-MINTS,” both gifts from JCF to thank donors for their generosity and foresight.

In the picture below is JSDD’s Legacy Donors who attended the event.