Direct Support Professional of JSDD – They Are Our Heroes!

Catrice B, Assistant Manager of the Parsippany home is celebrating 11 years working for JSDD.  “My job is fulfilling and allows me to watch as the residents’ personalities reveal their interests and as they develop and grow,” said Catrice. “The most joy for me is seeing the men I work with gain independence and accomplish their goals.”   In early March, with the implementation of the stay at home order, Catrice was instrumental in organizing activities for the residents.  A Smart TV was installed in the home allowing the five housemates to participate in WAE Online Virtual classes via Zoom. The men also look forward to communicating with their families using Facetime.  Catrice discovered that their interactions on Facetime are more meaningful than merely a telephone call. With all the new changes to their daily schedule, Catrice and the other DSP’s (Direct Support Professionals) are regularly finding ways to be creative.  It is clear to everyone that Catrice’s priority is that the residents are happy, healthy and have access to community resources and stay connected to family. She has always been willing to assume more responsibility and has earned the respect of all who know her for her dedication and strong work ethic.