Fiber Arts Program Coming to the WAE Center



The creation of a Fiber Arts program at the WAE Center is underway. We have had a history of working with fiber by hosting weaving, quilting, sewing, dyeing, knitting and crochet classes for the past several years. Recently, with the gift of a floor loom, The WAE Center has received the push to grow and develop this substantial and enriching program for our members.


The art of weaving has long been acknowledged to have therapeutic and creative benefits. Hand/eye coordination, focusing, problem-solving, sequencing, and creative thinking are just some of the prevocational skills infused into this practice.  Weaving is a quiet, calming activity in which our members can develop and express their creative ideas.

A Gift of $7,500 Will Fund

     •  60 Workshop hours with professional fiber artists.

   •  Weaving tools and loom maintenance.

   •  Yarns, fabric, and dye

   •  Trips to museums and galleries

   •  Sewing accessories


Your Support Makes a Difference


To support this program, click HERE


The tools, materials, and workshops taught by professional artists in this Fiber Arts Program will become another exciting chapter in JSDD’s WAE Center continuing mission of Finding the Spark Within.