First Annual Awards Ceremony

By Harry Klein, Director of the WAE Center

On Thursday, 08/18/2022, the JSDD WAE Center held its first “Annual Awards Ceremony” for members.  The idea for the ceremony came out of the “WAE Center Member Advisory Board” (GiGi, Roberto, Kevin M., Alicia), who wanted to have a gala event. The awards show was a fun way to celebrate the unique qualities of each of our onsite participants.  The board worked directly with the management team to get things in place, including: a red-carpet step & repeat, photographer, bubbly beverages with fancy hors d’oeuvres, and individual awards/certificates for each member.  Members and staff dressed for the occasion, complete with couture dresses, fancy jewels, while the men were dapper in their suits.  Tara hosted a pre and post show, talking with members about “who they were wearing” and “what awards they were looking forward to”.  The ceremony was opened by JSDD Executive Director Linda Press, who welcomed everyone to the event. The awards were presented by the management team (Harry, Anthonice, John, and Miesha); for each category there were 3-4 nominees and 1 winner.  At the end of the program, the Member Advisory Board were introduced and founding members GiGi and Roberto were invited to share the speeches that they had written for the occasion.  WAE Center Director Harry Klein, closed the presentation with a toast and words of support for all those being hailed.  The WAE Center looks forward to continuing this tradition in the years to come.


Most Determined to Get Their Point Across Award
: Daniel M., Debbie H., Erin R., Dina L.
Winner: Maria F.

Most Likely to Break 100,000 points on Fruit Ninja Award
: Carrie P., Roland B., Raven D-L.
Winner: Morgan G.

Most Exotic Lunches Award
: Kevin M., Grace S., Erik T.
Winner: Eve H.

Most Likely to Buy You Some Peanuts and Crackerjack Award
: Elliot A., Steven W., GiGi F.
Winner: Debbie H.

WAE Center Fashionista Award
: Diana S., Roberto N., Morgan G., John S.
Winner: Yael K.

Twinkle Toes Dance Award
: David L., Roberto N., Maria F.
Winner: Karen K.

Biggest Beach Boy Fan Award
: Daniel M., Jay F., Elliot A.
Winner: David L.

Best Hairstyle Every Day Award
: Erin R., Marci S., Jill S., Mark L.
Winner: Dina L.

Best Memory Award
: Roberto N., Jay F., Carrie P.
Winner: Alicia L.

Best Hairstyle Member with the Biggest Voice Award
: Elliot A. Jr., Roberto N., Carrie P.
Winner: Jessica L.

Member has the Ability to Brighten Anyone’s Day Award
: Gigi F., Maria F., Grace S., Kari S.
Winner: Mark L.

Member Who Can Eat 3x Their Weight and not Gain a Pound Award
: Erik T., Grace S., Mark L., Roberto N.
Winner: Kevin M.

Walking History Buff Award
: Carrie P., Yael K., Jay F.
Winner: Daniel M.

Comes Up with Some Great Ideas Award
: GiGi F., Alicia L., Kevin M.
Winner: Roberto N.

Member Who Can Talk to You for Hours Award
: Roberto N., Elliot A. Jr., Debbie H.
Winner: Carrie P.

Can Make Something out of Anything Award
: Erin R., Marci S., Jill S., Mark L.
Winner: Dina L.

Most Eager to Share their Work Award
: Yael K., Maria F., Erik T.
Winner: Grace S.

Best Facial Expressions Award
: David L., Diana S., Rajeev B.
Winner: Marcie S.

Most Beautiful Laugh Award
: Roberto N., Maria F., Gigi F.
Winner: Diana S.

Most Persistent to Get Something Done Award
: Steven W., Dina L., Raven D-L., Morgan G.
Winner: John S.

Best Hugs Award
: Grace S., Jessica L., John S.
Winner: Kari S.

Loves to do Puzzles Award
: Grace S., David L., Erik T.
Winner: Kelly S.

Most Observant Award
: Karen K., Marcie S., Yael K.
Winner: Jill S.

Fastest Eater Award
: Roberto N., Grace S., Mark L.
Winner: Erik T.

Smile that Lights Up a Room Award
: Eve H., Kevin M., Erin R.
Winner: Steven W.

Always Willing to Help Others Award
: Maria F., Eve H., Grace S.
Winner: Rachel P.

Social Butterfly Award
: Jessica L., John S., Eve H.
Winner: Elliot A. Jr.

Silent Powerhouse Award
: Kelly S., Yael K., Morgan G.
Winner: Rajeev B.

Google Search Master Award
: Daniel M., Raven D-L., Carrie P
Winner: Roland B.

Quiet Storm Award
: Jill S., Karen K., Steven W.
Winner: Raven D-L.

Ray of Sunshine Award
: Kevin M., Maria F., Mark L.
Winner: Jay F.

Generous and Kind to All Award
: Rachel P., Kari S., Jessica L.
Winner: GiGi F.

Most Loyal Friend Award
: Jessica L., Mark L., Erin R.
Winner: Figaro