Heidi Gallery – Mentor/Mentee – JDAIM 2023

“The relationship between mentor and mentee is a symbiotic one.”

Yvette Lucas, Manager Prevocational Arts

This wonderful exhibit is a dynamic statement about the day-to-day inner workings of the WAE Center art studios. Ranging from: one-on-one sessions between facilitator and artist, to group workshops, to small group digital collaborations the gamut in materials and structure is wide and deep and full of exploration.

Ten mentors and tens of members contributed to this wonderful mélange of texture, subject and materials including: charcoal, collage, digital artwork, fiber art, music composition/album design, soft sculpture, 3-D printing, printmaking, painting, photography, AI – creations, quilting & sewing, pastel and marker drawings, watercolor, weaving and woodworking. Mentors have brought their individual work to the exhibit, to better understand and see how personal work does and does not influence what happens in WAE studios. How the ebb and flow of inspiration is constant, and the growth of the program is organic.

Below are the thoughts of some of our mentors:

“The spirit of collaboration is key to the success of the WAE studio.
I feel lucky to be able to share my artistic passions with the members and invite them to join me in creating art. I may be introducing them to a particular medium or technique, but they in turn teach me to see my passion through other eyes.”
Faye Graye, Art Studio Coordinator

“In most artist’s lives there is a person that pushes them beyond their comfort zone.
This exhibit embodies how important the push and support of the WAE Center Instructors/mentors is for the WAE Center member artists. These mentors help give the WAE Center artists a new way to look at the world through the art they create.”
Teddi Dolph, Volunteer Puppet Making Workshop

“Our members at the WAE Center teach as much as they learn.
Ideally the mentor helps lead one to find their own means of expression with the knowledge and skills the recipient gleans from the mentor. The mentor gains insight with the discovery of the talents and creativity of others which inspires and strengthens their own creative endeavors.”
Yvette Lucas, Prevocational Arts Manager

Exhibit Open: February 1 – March 31, 2023