JDAIM 2024 & Wonderful Chaos Exhibit

February is Jewish Disabilities Awareness & Inclusion Month

This month is intended to remind us that ALL Jews, without regard to disability, must have access to Jewish life – to work live, love, play, learn and worship how and where they choose, and to contribute to this wonderful place we call our Greater MetroWest Jewish community.

JDAIM - Jewish Disability Awareness & Inclusion Month
JSDD and the WAE Center is engaged in bringing artwork, artists, and residents into a few congregations to spread the word about abilities and inclusion in Jewish life. While the notion of inclusion may sound abstract, it is in fact, a daily practice rooted in the practical. We need only remember to look and notice the needs of those around us, which are different than ours, and act to provide equal access to all. Everyone holds a piece of the puzzle which creates full inclusion.

Wonderful Chaos Exhibit

Heidi Gallery at JSDD is hosting an exhibit featuring the work of WAE Center artists, throughout the month. Join us for an event and meet the artists, or just stop by to see the amazing work! The gallery is open to the public, Monday through Friday 9 – 4:30. All artwork is for sale and all sales commissions support individual artists and the WAE Center.

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Congregations where WAE Center art exhibits can be found

Contact each Congregation to discover the special programs planned for JDAIM 2024!