Jessica DaSilva Director of Accounting JSDD

Jessica DaSilva

Jessica DaSilva, Director of Accounting, is a force of nature. She has been employed at JSDD since March of 2016 and rose quickly from staff accountant to the Director of our intimate, but incredibly essential department. For a small four-person accounting office, the level of efficiency is remarkable.

Juggling payroll, communications with vendors, funders, 150 employees and the families and finances of more than 100 residents and WAE Center members, she also spearheaded the shift to Medicaid billing these past 18 months without a hitch. The agency was bracing for a significant change in cash flow, which, thanks to our incredible accounting department, has not been an issue.

In addition to being ambitious, dedicated and self-motivated, always taking the initiative to create more effective systems, she is outgoing and caring. JSDD’s Director of Finance, Anthony Cucciniello, who supervises Jess, refers to her as “a great addition to the agency and she has become one of the cornerstones of the administrative team.”

We are lucky to have her!