November 5, 2021 Zoom Shabbat

Our gathering this week began with Hannah leading the blessing over the candles. Aaron led the group with the Kiddusha, the blessing for the fruit of the vine. Stacy performed the Hamotzi, the blessing over the challah.

After the blessings were completed, we saw the true meaning of community when Stacy C. shared the news that her grandmother passed away. Rachel, along with the rest of the group have been supporting her and being wonderful friends during this difficult time. Stacy remembered her grandmother and how proud she was of her grandchildren.

The show of support is echoed in this week’s Torah portion Toldot. Abraham and Sarah, the first Jewish family were kind and compassionate and tolerant. Isaac and Rebecca teach us that communication matters. Jacob is persistent and conquers his fears. These traits are engrained in all of us and were on display when the group comforted Stacy. Though sometimes it seems the portions we study in the Torah do not relate to our everyday life, the lessons from this week’s portion are with us all daily.


Shabbat Shalom!