Shabbat Celebration via Zoom – Friday, January 1, 2021

Shabbat, like many important facets of Judaism, has its origins in the Torah.  It is celebrated with a festive meal and ceremonies.  JSDD’s Judaic Coordinator, Hagit Oren continues to bring these ceremonies to life each week for our residents and guests with a Zoom Friday afternoon get-together.

The lighting of candles as sunset approaches on Friday is the traditional sign of the arrival of Shabbat.  Yael had the honor to light the candles, covered her eyes and recited the blessing in Hebrew.  The English translation is; Blessed are You G-d, Ruler of the universe, who sanctified us with the commandment of lighting the candles.  Adam and Mark together recited the Kiddush (blessing over grape juice/wine) followed by the Hamotzi (blessing for the bread).

Hagit’s lesson on the Torah portion of the week – Vayigash – is about mending relationships and showing your actions speak louder than words –

Judah pleads on behalf of his brother Benjamin, Joseph reveals himself to his brothers, Jacob comes down to Egypt to an emotional reunion with his sons.

Several of the  participants shared they are fortunate to have family who loves and supports them.  The group concluded with singing festive songs and wishing each other a good Shabbat and  Happy New Year!