Shabbat Gathering via Zoom – May 7, 2021

Welcome to JSDD’s Zoom Shabbat gathering celebration!  This weekly experience has become an opportunity for JSDD residents and invited guests to be able to socialize and observe Shabbat by means of Zoom, which is coordinated by our Judaic Coordinator, Hagit Oren.  Stacy from Maplewood was happy to perform the ritual of lighting the Sabbath candles and saying the prayer, and the entire group made Kiddush over grape juice and Ha Motzi over the bread.

The holiday of Shavuot begins at sundown on May 16, 2021.  Jews celebrate one of the greatest moments in the Jewish story when the entire people stood at the foot of Mount Sinai while Moses received the Torah from God. Shavuot meals are different as only dairy dishes are served. Several residents recall last year having a pizza party to celebrate Shavuot.

The group brought the gathering to a close while singing heartwarming songs and wishing each of Shabbat Shalom.