Thanksgiving Birthday Memorial Luncheon for Scott R. – Tuesday November 24, 2020

Story by Monica Schneider-Brewer

The WAE Center has a long-standing tradition of celebrating the birthday of resident and member Scott R. Each November Scott’s parents provide a beautiful Thanksgiving Feast to the members and staff, bring a huge cake…and we all celebrate Scott. Sadly, Scott passed away this year. In his memory, Scott’s parents arranged for a lunch to be enjoyed at all the JSDD residences and at the homes of WAE Center members, for a “Covid-Friendly” gathering.

On November 24th, more than 50 people joined via Zoom for a celebration of Scott’s life. Members spoke, wrote poetry, sang, and created artwork to share their recollections of a young man who had a big impact on this community.  Scott was a friend and a peer and will be missed by so many of us. His good nature and sweet disposition were the focal point of people’s experiences with Scott.  Mary Jo and David R were a part of this event and were able to experience firsthand the compelling stories of their son and what he meant to so many here at JSDD and the WAE Center.

Mary Jo and David Reich  “were so happy to continue the tradition of the WAE Center Thanksgiving luncheon and look forward to honoring Scott’s memory in this way for many years to come.”

This agency is deeply committed to helping to create and support meaningful life engagement for residents and members. Scott was a longtime resident and member and will be missed enormously.

May his memory be a blessing.


Scott by Randy Harris

Sitting with you. Being with you.  You smile. Then we smile.

Cheering and celebrating your every step.  You willed and steeled with determined pep.

O’ Our time with you! Our time with you!

Tales of midnight music with Springsteen.

Telling your tales and watching your eyes gleam.