WAE Center Art of Photography Class

  Four students in the Wae Center’s Art of Photography class are taking a series of special self-portraits this month to share with their respective overseas pen pals.  Each of the students has a pen pal abroad.  Each has written a Halloween greeting which we are mailing today — to Germany, Russia, Thailand, and Japan.

  In their correspondence this month the students have described in detail some of our American customs associated with Halloween, which may seem strange to a person of another culture.  At the same time, they’ve asked their foreign friends to tell them how this season is celebrated in their part of the world. 

  Maria’s card will go to Mamiko in Japan.  Grace is sending her Halloween greeting to Ratchada in Thailand.  Ed’s goes to Germany and Victoria’s, to Russia.

  Since each card with photo must travel thousands of miles to reach its destination, we are mailing early!

  John Skillin