WAE Center Artists Talk about Their Chairs of Inclusion Experiences

Each WAE Center member who participated in the Chairs of Inclusion project had a unique experience. Here’s what a few of our members have shared with us.

Jack, one of our poets, worked with artist Yvette Lucas on the Care Chair. For this chair, our members were invited to write what they would say to someone who sits in the chair, so that person would feel nurtured. Yvette photographed and then transferred their words to cloth, which was then used to upholster the arms and seat of the chair.

Jack says, “I love poetry and I LOVED this chair. I wrote, ‘I hope you find love and passion and that you cuddle with someone you love in this chair.’ ” The Care Chair team also participated in photographing each other’s hands and arms. Yvette transferred those to fabric for the back of the chair to embrace the sitter.

Stephanie collaborated on both Tim Folzenlogen’s “The Next Big Thing Is Everybody” rocker and Ellen Hanauer’s “Love Seat” chair. “My favorite chair is the string rocking chair because it has pretty colors. We got to do the taping and stringing and a lot of the painting,” she says.

For “Love Seat,” each of the Center’s artists was invited to fill a Lucite box with items that represented his or her individuality. Stephanie, who loves working on puzzles, filled her Lucite box with puzzle pieces and a plastic diamond, “so I could pretend I was engaged.”

Kristen, who has been an artist at the Center for three years, contributed to several of the chairs. “I was able to express my individuality while working on these chairs. It was really special to know you’re wanted and that you do matter to a project,” Kristen relates.

She was especially excited to work on “When Chairs Fly” with Dan Fenelon, an artist whom she admires. “I even shared my graphic novel with him and he seemed impressed!” Kristen says.

In upcoming posts, you’ll get to know many of the professional artists who worked with us on Chairs of Inclusion and learn about their experiences on the project.