WAE Center Exhibit at Rosalind & Alfred Lippman Gallery

The Spark Within


JSDD’s WAE Center is a holistic, creative and expressive arts learning center for people with disabilities, dedicated to Finding the Spark Within.  Focusing on the abilities and desires of everyone, the WAE Center embraces humanistic principles to guide members in building a greater capacity for a full and rich life.

This exhibit features the work of 12 members who are born artists. The work created in our studio is self-directed.  Facilitators are on hand to assist each artist in complete neutrality in realizing their goal for each piece of work undertaken.  

Represented here ranges from the most “simplistic” line drawing to complex architectural explorations. Daniel M. creates with text and subtext, always drawing on his expansive knowledge of both literary and film references and, combined with his inventive artistic perspective. Carrie P. works on digital characters BIG on energy and whimsy; small in scale. Kevin M. brings a joyful exuberance to his work, which has changed and developed over the past few years as he has grown his skill of using a paintbrush. Zak Z. explores the world with his camera, taking photos of relatively ordinary subjects which, he then manipulates to create compositions and colors which are complex and otherworldly.

This is a varied and inventive group of artists who have flourished here at the WAE Center. We are honored to share the path of discovery with each individual, always looking forward to what comes next.