Winter 2013

There is quite a buzz at the WAE Center as we enter the year of our 10th anniversary. The community that has grown to become the WAE Center continues to build on our original vision, with the encouragement, support and participation by JSDD’s Board of Trustees, foundations, volunteers, community schools and students, families, staff and members. Our program supports all people regardless of ability, and our belief that each member has great potential is unwavering.

Having a choice, gaining a voice, developing self-responsibility – these goals are at the core of our philosophy and practice. There is true beauty in knowing you are being heard and that your voice is important to the people with whom you are sharing the journey. It is our duty to reinforce publicly the importance of valuing each person regardless of differences. Inclusion means that each individual “no matter what” has a chair at the table where his or her voice is heard and respected.

We hope that you will continue to follow WAE Center news, discover the talents being uncovered here, and become part of a community full of vitality and diversity.

There are always opportunities to engage with and support this unique community.

Marilynn Schneider

Director, WAE Center