Zoom Shabbat- December 17, 2021

Story by Jessica Goldstein

The Shabbat Celebration this week began with everyone joining in to chant the blessing over the candles. Mark led the blessings for the grape juice and the Challah this week.

The torah portion this week, “Vayechi” is the final portion in the book of Genesis. Joseph promises his father, Jacob that he will bury him in Canaan rather than in Egypt. On his deathbed, Jacob blesses his grandchildren and each of his sons who go one to become the twelve tribes of Israel. After Jacob’s death, Joseph assures his brothers that he has forgiven them for everything that they have done in the past.  

As the evening wound down, Alicia shared that she is flying to be with her mom and step-dad for the holidays and wished everyone a very happy holiday. Mark shared that he had a great time when he went shopping recently. After singing Shabbat songs, everyone gave wishes for peace in the world and agreed that while we wish we could be together, the Shabbat Celebrations over Zoom are a highlight of the week.


Shabbat Shalom!