Zoom Shabbat- Friday February 25, 2022


Shabbat celebrations began this week just like last week with Rachel chanting the blessing over the candles followed by Daniel and Todd performing the blessings for the candles and the challah.

Rachel shared that she loved spending time with Stacy again this week. Daniel is looking forward to spending time with his father this weekend.

Vayakhel, the torah portion this week translates to “and he assembled”. The portion begins with G-d commanding the Israelites to refrain from any work on Shabbat. In addition to building the sanctuary, the Israelites bring gifts for G-d and after a while, they are told it is too much and they should not bring any more. Among those working to build the tabernacle are Ohaliab and Bezalel, who are recognized as gifted craftsmen. They use the gifts brought by the Israelites to complete the building of the tabernacle.

Rachel shared that light and love are important values in Judaism. The lesson of this week’s parsha is that by doing good deeds we can light another person’s life. We prayed for those who are now suffering in Ukraine and wished everyone peace.