Zoom Shabbat Gathering – Friday, December 18, 2020

One constant theme in the Shabbat observance is the importance of home life with family members and guests. JSDD’s Judaic Coordinator, Hagit Oren, creates a spiritual experience each week with the illumination of a candle-lighting ceremony and this week the honor was given to Yael to recite the blessing.  Followed by the Kiddush with the blessing over the wine/grape juice by Mark.  Hagit noted that the Kiddush is not actually blessing the wine; however, you are blessing what the wine represents – holiness.  Adam made the Hamotzi (blessing over challah) while touching the bread.

When asked the question “What was the best part of their week?”, the group communicated they all loved celebrating the 8 nights of Hanukkah via Zoom together this year with Hagit and all their friends.

Shabbat songs were sung from the heart with a traditional melody of Bim Bim Bam, a Jewish religious song.  There was a lively singalong of raised voices while clapping to the tunes and wishing each other Shabbat Shalom!