Zoom Shabbat – January 28, 2022

Story by Jessica Goldstein

Todd and Daniel kicked off the Shabbat celebrations this week by performing the blessings over the Challah and the grape juice. Hannah led the group in the prayer over the candles. Everyone shared wishes and hopes for health and peace. Daniel added that he always prays for compassion.

The torah portion this week, “Mishpatim”, Moses discusses G-d’s laws to the Israelites. The laws were varied regarding rules to only worship one G-d, how to keep Kosher, how to treat animals, how to observe Shabbat and rules for ethical behavior. G-d explained how to observe Passover, Shavuot and Sukkot. Moses then went to Mount Sinai to meet with G-d. He was there for forty days and forty nights. While he was gone, Aaron and Hur were left in charge.


Relating to the ethical rules Moses explained, Daniel shared he always tries to make good choices. The group discusses how Democracy along with Jewish values are mentioned in the torah.

Excitement was brewing all during the evening with the hopes of the upcoming snow. Everyone signed off Zoom with wishes of staying safe and warm.


Shabbat Shalom!