Compilation of Poems & Stories

By: Randy Harris

This is a compilation of poems and group stories from the Poetry class.  I’m extremely proud of our members for opening themselves to create such beautiful and imaginative work.  They have imagined worlds of coffee waterfalls and tap-dancing clouds.  Used the alphabet grid amid a myriad of words to spin their rhymes. What great fun and joyful times.

This work is the result of a team of people –  volunteer and staff who have treated this process with dedication, passion, and joy.  Thank you, Pam, Onica, Julie, Rebeka, Erica and Olivia.


My Swim

I love swimming
The butterfly is so thrilling
When I do the backstroke, I’m swimming in clouds
At the swim meet people are very loud
When I get a loud cheer I’m so proud
The crowd was wow’d.

by Kimmy F.

Spaceship to Mars

The spaceship took me planet hopping.  On the first planet, I met a martian.  We went together. We swam around two or three planets.  Some of them had little or no gravity.  Me and my martian friend jumped rocks the rest of the time.  We had a great time together.

by Kimmy F.

My Son the quarterback

The football player played at Giants stadium on the field.
During the game the offense line was like a shield.
The quarterback throws a pass to wide receiver.
The receiver runs the ball for a touchdown, and the crowd was wild with giant fever.

by Kevin Cooke & Julie


At the end of Chris Brown’s song, the fans liked it so much, they gave him applause.
Before the next song Chris Brown needed to pause.
He paused because when he’s up on the microphone he’ll be announcing his next song.
The fans love his music so much there was nothing he could do wrong.

by Kevin C. and Julie P.


H- Having a good time at the wae center
O- Open for all to enter
P- People at the wae center are my friends
E- Everyone will always be in my heart forever, until the day ends

by Kevin M & Gigi


Summer makes me feel good.
The sun, the sand, the sea, the wood.

Going out makes me happy in the summer.
Driving down the coast in my Hummer.

We go outside to play baseball.
Suddenly the rain starts to fall.

The sun comes out and dries up the rain.
So me and my friend can get on the train.

by Kevin M. & Gigi

Live Life.

Love Waking Up in the morning.
I fall in love with life.
Feeling free from pain. No moaning. No   groaning.
Everyone is happy, laughing and living.

by Gigi F.

The WAE Center

The WAE Center is my life away from home.
It lets my creativity roam.

It brings out my creativity.
For everyone to see.

Anthonice is the bomb.
But she can also act like a mom.

Gigi F. & Rebeka S.

Group Stories

Once upon a time Onica needed a break from the world. She took a plane to the desert. She took a magnifying glass with her on the plane trip. An arrow pointed to a winding road in the desert. She went to sleep.

Onica found a credit card so she went on a shopping spree in town. She found a magic book at a bookstore and the pages flew out and carried her along the desert line. She was thirsty and a magnifying glass told her that there was a coffee waterfall at the end of the winding road. Onica needed some rest. Two trees saw her coming and knowing that she was tired, their branches reached out and came together to make her a hammock. When Onica woke up from the trees, she felt a summer breeze on a beach in Jamaica.  A talking boat offered her a ride from Jamaica to a beautiful island called Cancun. Onica drank a margarita egg, but it didn’t taste good. Onica settled down on a beach with her magic magnifying glass and book and looked out at the blue sunset.


Wonderful World

Once upon a time we walked into the continent of Africa. We went to a desert and saw a tree that had seaweed on it. We walked on a path that went around the tree.

The aroma of pineapple, peaches and cherries flowed from the tree. At the end of the path, a porcupine was having a barbecue and had on a tantalizing tee shirt. On the continent of Africa there was a basketball court that a famous basketball player, Motumbo, was playing on. So Motumbo was at the barbecue playing basketball with our friends. He looked at Kevin and asked if he wanted to play and Kevin said yes. Kevin beat him with a 9 point shot.

Next to the basketball court there was a soccer court and all of us played with Motumbo. We went to a hotel and drank some lemonade in a hotel room. The lemonade had a magic potion in it and we all fell asleep. At 6 am we all woke up to colorful sunlight beaming through the window.

Fun & Laughter

Once upon a time, we visited the land of fun and laughter. We liked listening to laughter and music that mades us feel good. We felt welcomed in this place and that makes us feel happy. In this land you can change the weather with a finger snap, and this brought us gladness.

On a nice day, Aaron Judge hit the crack of the baseball and a home run all the way to the Empire State Building. On this nice day, there was also a football game, and all the NFL players were having so much fun that they all fell down with laughter and spread across the field. Beautiful ballerinas in the clouds danced as the players watched. Being in this world of fun and laughter was like a dream for me.

Group Story (by WAE Center Poets)

The Sun and the Moon

Once upon a time, the sun was crazy one night. The sun and the moon decided to have a dance party in the sky. People were on the moon playing basketball. The clouds tap-danced across sky to join the party, but then decided to play football instead. The clouds took the football game all the way down to the Congo. The Congolese clouds said, would you like to play soccer instead?

by WAE Poets (Group story).

Mickey Mantle

Once upon a time Mickey Mantle was searching for self-esteem. His glove gave him the confidence to play. He read more books about baseball so he could play better. He read one book about what baseball shoes he should wear. At night he dreamed that one day he would be a star like Babe Ruth or Derek Jeter. Every time Mickey came to the plate, the fans would scream: “Go Mickey Go!”. Mickey eats hot dogs for self-esteem. Mickey used his marker to write down the score:  Yankees 57  White Sox 7.

WAE Center

I’m so happy when I’m at the WAE center. You can have a happy heart at the WAE center. We’re so happy that we made a rap song at the WAE center. When the rap song comes on we all dance at the wae center. We dance, we sing, we jump for joy. When it’s Spring we dance like flowers.