Shabbat in November 2022

Virtual Shabbat celebrations continue at many of the JSDD Group Homes. Residents, DSPs (Direct Support Professionals) and Managers look forward to gathering with their housemates and friends each week. Frequently, they are also joined by several members of the WAE Center. The weekly celebrations, led by JSDD Judaic Coordinator, Hagit are always fun and educational.

Listening to Shabbat songs to start the celebration really does set the mood. Everyone has come to know the songs in both Hebrew and English and sings along. The prayers, though recited in Hebrew have become second nature to some and begin the formal portion of Shabbat. After the prayers have been said, Hagit discusses the weekly torah portion. The group then discusses the lessons they learn from each portion and often how these lessons impact their daily lives. One of the best parts of the weekly sessions is when people share news from their week with each other such as something new at work, or their day program or perhaps visits with friends and family.

This month, many participants are very excited about Thanksgiving. Todd and Stacy started preparations for the holiday by joining Hagit in a baking class earlier this month. They were both very engaged and excited when learning how to make pumpkin pie. Stacy talked about her love of baking and Todd discussed that he loves learning new things and he was surprised to learn that baking made him happy.


Shabbat Shalom and Happy Thanksgiving from JSDD!