Direct Support Professionals of JSDD – They Are Our Heroes!

Diana R is the Manager of the Millburn and Whippany homes.  She is caring, extremely focused and detail oriented. Her tenure at JSDD began in the Millburn home and she, subsequently, transferred to Whippany as Assistant Manager where, eventually her diligent work ethic was rewarded with a promotion to Manager.  This year Diana was promoted to Senior Manager with increased responsibility for two homes.  “I have grown and learned a great deal these past years. Working during the pandemic has brought great challenges and it has been extremely hard at times,” said Diana. She always makes it her top priority to see to it that her staff and all the residents are safe and well.   “The staff I work with have been team players and are always there to cover each other during these challenging times. The residents bring me immense joy and I can honestly say I love them all very much.”