Zoom Shabbat Celebration July 17, 2020

Coming together to welcome the Sabbath has become a wonderful, virtual community ritual.  On Friday, July 17th JSDD Homes celebrated their weekly Shabbat with Judaic Coordinator, Hagit Oren via Zoom.   The tables were set, and the delicious meals were prepared.  A special addition this week was the challah baked by the residents at home.

Yael recited the blessing over lighting the candles and Hagit asked everyone to cover their eyes and make a wish.  Mark and Adam led the group in the prayer over the wine/grape juice and everyone proudly presented their home-made challah and said the blessing together.   Hagit lead the participants in reciting The Mi Shebeirach, a prayer for healing.

Everyone shared stories about their week and the highlights.  One resident was introspective about his own spirituality and another received birthday wishes for his birthday which had just passed.  This week’s interactive Zoom Shabbat… another special opportunity to stay connected.