Direct Support Professionals of JSDD – They Are Our Heroes!

Senior Manager, Lakita P., demonstrates a remarkable level of enthusiasm for the residents and staff for whom she is responsible and supervises.  Lakita began working for JSDD 3 years ago when she was hired as an Assistant Manager where she demonstrated her passion for supporting our residents.  Her dedication to the agency was recognized and she was quickly promoted to Manager and then Senior Manager. Her organizational skills and ability to juggle and manage multiple demands have proven to be exceptional.

“I love my job and each resident.  Also, I am fortunate to be working with many remarkable DSP’s (Direct Support Professionals).  Each morning when I wake up, I reflect on the importance of my responsibilities and it always makes me strive for excellence.”  said Lakita.  There is nothing more rewarding for Lakita than being a part of the JSDD family and she believes she has found her true calling as a Senior Manager.  She is known agency wide as a warmhearted and caring person.

Outside of work Lakita is a mother of 4 and grandmother of 5.  “My family looks up to me so I always want to set a good example and work hard for them so we can all have a better future.”