Summer Volunteer Opportunities at JSDD

This summer the Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ organized a program called Summer Volunteer Opportunities, which provided volunteers a chance to make an impact in the lives of others.  While JSDD generally has many opportunities available to volunteers to work directly with the men and women we support, this summer, the typical face to face, personal interactions were not an option.  JSDD does, however, have homes with outdoor flower beds that were in need of some tender loving care.  

Volunteers Amy and Louis Nocito happily responded to this request.  They arrived at the JSDD Maplewood home on a sunny afternoon with their caring hands and planted colorful flowers while practicing social distancing. Their small act of kindness brought beauty into the lives of the residents.  Once the plantings were in, the residents were eager to take on the responsibility for the new garden and watch it flourish.  Watering has become a daily activity as they nurture their new plantings. 

A great big thank you to Amy and Louis!