Goodwin Perwien Legacy Society Welcomes Leon Cooperman

Mark Perwien, member of JSDD’s Board of Trustees, and his wife Laurie Goodman have been connected to JSDD for many years. In 2006, they donated a home in Parsippany to the agency. Their son, Artie, along with four other men have been living in this beautiful supportive home ever since. In the fall of last year, with a generous commitment to the agency’s newly established Endowment Fund, they launched the Goodman Perwien Legacy Society helping to ensure that the care and support synonymous with JSDD will continue for years to come.

The Goodman Perwien Legacy Society held its inaugural event earlier this month in the Heidi Gallery at JSDD, Chaired by Jon Mann, also a member of JSDD’s Board of Trustees. Current members of the Legacy Society, along with other invited guests joined the kickoff event where moderator, Evan Ratner sat down for an intimate discussion with renowned financial advisor and philanthropist Leon Cooperman. Cooperman and his wife Toby are themselves deeply committed to JSDD and its mission.

During the conversation, Cooperman shared the vast wisdom he has accumulated from his enormously successful years in finance and his thoughts about the future of the markets. Leon also shared personal stories about humble beginnings and how their family and their roots have guided his and Toby’s commitment to philanthropy, in recognition of the vital need to support the community into the future.

JSDD thanks Toby and Leon Cooperman for their continued dedication and support to the future of JSDD and the people we support.

If you are interested in future events or becoming a part of the Goodman Perwien Legacy Society, please contact JSDD Executive Director, Linda Press at

Thank you to our Corporate Sponsors for making the event a success!