WAE Center Welcomes the Kids!

In celebration of National “Take Your Child to Work Day 2023 (04/27/2023), JSDD staff invited their kids to join them for a day of learning and exploration at the WAE Center. 13 young people, between the ages of 8 and 19 participated in the day’s activities. The plan for the day is to give the children a better understanding of what it is that their parents do at their job each day.

The day started with a group meeting and a discussion about the history of the WAE Center and its philosophy. The kids were split up into 4 different cohorts as they joined the members in their classes. Members and kids enjoyed sharing lessons in gardening, cooking, conversation group, and art classes. A Pizza Lunch was provided for all by our lovely Volunteer, Lorraine. The afternoon was spent enjoying our “Monthly Showcase and Mocktails”. After the members left for the day, the kids were gathered once again to talk about what everyone ‘s take away from the experience. Not surprisingly, members, kids and parents all ended the day feeling more enriched and closely connected.