JSDD Residential and WAE Center Update

A Letter from Executive Director Linda Press

Thanks to all who have expressed their concern over the past week for the men and women served by JSDD.  Please know that we are also concerned about you and are here to serve as a resource to those in need of assistance.

JSDD shares the new reality of our times with all of you

On Friday, March 13, the WAE Center closed and will not re-open until further notice.  The State of NJ has mandated the closure and will, likely, advise us when to re-open.

The result of this is that the sixty (60) members with developmental disabilities served by that program and its afternoon respite are left isolated in their homes – either JSDD or other agency Residential Sites (group homes, supervised apartments or assisted living) or in their family’s homes – just like many of us.  The difference for the people we support, however, is that most cannot be home alone.  They require assistance and supervision.  In addition, not all JSDD residents attended the WAE Center and they are all home, as well.

We are making every effort to:

  • maintain a stimulating and meaningful daily routine for all residents

  • support the individuals who reside at home with their families – some of whom still need to go to work or care for other vulnerable family, friends or neighbors

  • continue to employ as many of our remarkable, hard working and talented staff as possible by re-deploying them in our homes or by assisting in members’ homes

Many have asked how they can help. 

As the weeks progress, we will be developing a list of items needed and program elements requiring additional funding.  Additional access for our residents to technology will surely be high on the list.

In the short term:

  • disinfectant products are needed – wipes, Lysol spray, bleach, etc. 


Those products can be dropped off at the JSDD office or we would be happy to pick them up from your home.  Email dkevelson@jsdd.orgor call Dena at (973) 272-7153.

We will continue to provide you with additional information and news about how we are doing via email and Facebook.

Please reach out and let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you.

Stay healthy and safe and thank you for your concern and ongoing support.

Linda Press

Executive Director