New JSDD and WAE Center Updates

JSDD Residential and WAE Center Update

Thanks to all who continue to express their concern for the men and women served by JSDD. 

Sixty (60) WAE Center members are either home with their families every day or at home all day in a JSDD or other agency Residence – just like many of us.  Everyone continues to receive the assistance and support they need. 

We are making every effort to:

  • maintain a stimulating and meaningful daily routine for all residents
  • support the individuals who reside at home with their families
  • continue to employ as many of our remarkable, hard working and talented staff as possible by re-deploying them in our homes or by assisting in members’ homes

Many have responded by sending along disinfectant products. Thank you.

Please reach out and let us know if there is anything, we can do to assist you.

Stay healthy and safe and thank you for your concern and ongoing support.

While we are anxiously awaiting a time when we can see you all, we assure you that our residents are staying active and engaged in their homes and neighborhoods.