Shabbat Gathering via Zoom October 8, 2021

On Friday October 8th, 2021, the JSDD family gathered over Zoom to celebrate Shabbat.

Alicia began the celebration by performing the blessing over the candles, welcoming the sabbath. Mark recited the Kiddusha blessing over the fruit of the vine (grape juice), Daniel chanted the Hamotzi the blessing over the challah.

After the blessings, the group studied the weekly Parsaht Noach with Hagit Oren, JSDD’s Judaic Coordinator. In this portion God warns Noah that there will be a flood and he will need to build an arc to protect his family and the animals, who are unable to save themselves. They learned the story of how the dove became a symbol for peace by going to scout for dry land and returning with an olive branch which brought relief to Noah and his family. Everyone shared how grateful they were to Noah, for saving the animals.

Everyone enjoyed listening to Shabbat songs in English and Hebrew and were happy to include Steven and Hannah as guests this week. It was a wonderful way to welcome Shabbat and look forward to the week ahead.

Shabbat Shalom from the JSDD Family to yours!