Zoom Shabbat- Friday, February 4, 2022

Everyone jumped right into the Shabbat this week by singing Hava Nagila¸ a celebratory song that translates to “let us rejoice.” This song made Daniel especially happy, and he shared his excitement about seeing his dad and spending time with him this weekend. Hannah and Rachel joined together for the blessing over the candles. Mark, Todd and Daniel recited the prayers for the grape juice and challah.

The torah portion this week, “Terumah”, Moses is given the Ten Commandments on stone tablets. G-d instructed the building of the Michkan (house of G-d). It was told that the house of worship should include an ark, curtains, and a menorah. Hagit, the Judaic Coordinator taught that in Judaism the most important and precious value is the presence of G-d and not in anything of material value. It is amazing that synagogues today still have each of those elements.

Stacy shared that her family is precious. Daniel shared that life is precious and Alicia shared that having freedom and the ability to feel free is precious to her.

Todd shared that he is excited for Purim this year and when he was a kid, he loved dressing up for the holiday. Stacy added she used to enjoy the Purim parade in her Jewish Day School when she was younger.

Shabbat Shalom!