Zoom Shabbat Friday November 26, 2021

Story by Jessica Goldstein

 Shabbat this week began with a song celebrating Thanksgiving and sharing about how everyone celebrated the holiday with family and friends and the foods they liked the best.

Together, everyone performed the blessing over the candles. Mark chanted the blessing over the grape juice and the challah.

The portion this week “Vayeshev” is one of the most well-known. Andrew Lloyd Weber even made a musical about it!  Jacob upsets his sons when he favors Joseph. Joseph begins to have very vivid dreams where he sees himself ruling over his brothers. These dreams upset his brothers even more and they leave him in a pit and sell Joseph into slavery.  After some time, Joseph is imprisoned in Egypt.  While he is there, he interprets dreams of Pharaoh’s butler and baker. The baker forgets Joseph once he is freed and Joseph remains in prison. 

As the evening ended, everyone sang songs and were all excited to see each other again via Zoom on Sunday for a Hanukkah celebration.