Zoom Shared Shabbat – Friday, November 12th, 2021

This week was certainly a joyous Shabbat Celebration. Although we are still meeting via Zoom, you could feel the warmth as we had two November Birthdays to celebrate! The group enthusiastically sang and sent good wishes to both Todd and Mark.

Alicia led the blessings over the candles, welcoming Shabbat. Todd chanted the Kiddusha, the blessing of the grape juice. Mark and Aaron joined together to bless the Challah.

In the torah portion this week, Vayetzei Jacob dreams of a ladder that goes all the way to heaven with angels coming down from the ladder. In his dream, G-d promises to bless Jacob’s family and his children.

After working for many years, Jacob weds and G-d gives him 12 sons from Leah and Rachel. These sons will go on to create the 12 tribes of Israel.

All things exist because G-d has given us the power to be ourselves and power, like Jacob’s comes from within.  The evening was finished with songs and a lot of excitement for Hanukkah which is coming up right after Thanksgiving this year. A few people shared some items from their wish lists while others were just excited to celebrate so soon.

Shabbat Shalom!